Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church History

Image The History of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church reflects power of prayer through a dedicated group of men and women that would met in various houses in the community fro bible class and prayer meetings. As a result of their dedication, a seed of inception for the church was sown and on the night of September 26. 1941 Mother Ella Sykes, Mother Francis Gray, Bro. Nathaniel Gabs and Bro. Frank Words met at the home of Rev. Ephriam Kenneth Parks and Mrs . Zettie Parks to organize and form a church called Tri-Hill Baptist Church. A building was obtained in downtown Detroit at Dubois and Alexandrine where Rev. C.M. Moore was called to Pastor. Not long after TRI-HILL Baptist was formed, on January 7. 1942 Bro Will Jordan suggested the church name be changged to Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church. After two Years of ministering, Rev. Moore resigned on January 30, 1944 and Reverend Ephriam K. Parks was called the second pastor of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church.

As membership grew, the church moved into various buildings. After eight moves, Hopewell settled in a building that was formerly a Hebrew-Christian Church located at 2911 Kendall Street in January of 1963.

Rev. Parks dedicated twenty-three years of faithful service to God and to His Church. Rev. Parks departed this life on December 30, 1965. In addition to his duties as pastor, Rev. Parks served as a janitor, deacon, trustee, and teacher. Rev. Parks departed this life on December 30, 1965. His widow, Mrs. Zettie Parks McCrary, our longest living Charter Member, was 99 years old when she made her transition on January 31, 1999. His many contributions, spiritual teaching and love have been embedded in many hearts and will never be forgotten.

Following the death of Rev. Parks, Hopewell searched and found a new pastor, Rev. Clarence L. Crews. Rev Crews was called on March 26, 1966 and was elected, and subsequently installed before an overflowing crowd of well wishers on June 12, 1966. Many believers accepted Christ as their Savior under the leadership of Pastor Crew’s leadership.

In 1970 the mortgage on the Kendall Street was paid off and a mortgage burning ceremony was held; however, Rev. Crews envisioned the further expansion of Hopewell, and on September 20, 1970 the first expansion program was held. Throughout the years, multiple committees and auxiliaries sponsored several projects for the building fund. On Sunday, April 4, 1976, a ground-breaking ceremony took place on the lot next door to the old church on Kendall Street. On May 1, 1977, many religious leaders and civic leaders shared this joyous occasion as Pastor Clarence L. Crews, ministers, and officers led the march from "The Old Church" at 2911 Kendall to "The New Church" our present site at 1831 EWALD CIRCLE. On June 22, 1977 the new edifice was dedicated to the Glory of God and Dedicatory Service was held with the theme: "The Church Built on a Rock of Faith - We Come This Far by Faith"

Seven years later on November 18, 1984, the Forty-Second Church Anniversary/Homecoming Day was celebrated, and the second Mortgage Burning Ceremony was gratefuly commemorated. Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church remains to this day clear of any earthly mortgage debt.

Hopewell made tremendous growth and did amazing ministry under Pastor Crews Leadership. After fourty-four years of dedicated service, delivering Gods word to Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Clarence L. Crews retired. Through worship, bible study, evangelism and leadership training, Rev. Crews has left a lasting impact on the members and lives he touched during his time as Shepherd at Hopewell.

After the retirement of Rev. Crews, Hopewell elected Rev. Ted Spencer on October 10, 2010 until his tenure as pastor ended on November 5, 2011.

Hopewell diligently searched for a new pastor, and on August 14, 2014 Pastor Kenneth C. Pierce II was elected and installed as pastor in March of 2015. Hopewell has experienced extreme growth and additions to ministry under his leadership. Pastor Pierce believes in expanding spiritual awareness of the written word through teaching, lecturing, and training while being an advocate for the community. Many lives have been saved, transformed, and developed under the leadership of Pastor Pierce II and Hopewell's membership has rapidly increased. He continues to strive for unity in Hopewell and the community while seeking to instill the vision God has granted Pastor Pierce for His people.

We are a church Growing to Serve!! Growing Church, Growing Communities, and Growing Families!!